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HDSLRs are the DSLRs that also shoot in HD.

NeoCams are HD cameras in non-standard forms.

This site specializes in them.

Canon 7D captured at f/3.5, 1/30 sec shutter at 1080p30. Edited in iMovie ’09. Click to stop/start.

NEWS. Only the more important things.  NEW!

iPhone/iPad. iPhone 4S/iPad Movie Mount reviews. NEW!

Cameras Model by model. NEW: NIKON Shocker!

Must-Have Gear. The accessories we dare not live without. 

Software to complete our HDSLR experiences. NEW: Tonalizer!

Tech niques from cinephotographers and Technologies we may use.

Resources. Things that make life simple simpler.

Gotchas. The things that drive you nuts, and how to get around them.

Note: Any advertising on this site has been filtered to bring you interesting things from the worlds of DSLR and HDSLR photography.





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