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Who has it, and why didn’t they tell me about it? With new technological products appearing every week, it’s a wonder they can get picked up by Gizmodo or Engadget at all. 
So many things. So little time.

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Actions for Stills and Movies! 11/14/10

Photoshop CS5 is smiling today. Here comes a new eBook, ACTIONS! Photoshop CS5, that delivers well over 700 Photoshop tools into your hands. And among them are over 50 new tools you can apply to your HDSLR movies using Photoshop CS5 Extended.

iPad Friendly! You can read the whole thing on your iPad, zooming into images to check the details at an astounding 600% enlargement. Read it on your iPad while you use the Actions on your computer. (You can read it on your computer, too, if you wish.)

Where our previous volume Lights... Digital Camera... ACTIONS! left off, this new volume rewrites all the previous original iNovaFX Actions and adds over fifty new ones, all customized for Photoshop CS5. Including a whole section of Actions that do wonderful things to your HDSLR movies.

You can generate the time and space-bending world of Slit-Scan photography (above) with some of the newest iNovaFX Actions.
You can add movie filters (iGrad, right) to your existing shots with others. You can turn large outdoor movie scenes into apparent miniature living models with others.

Although you probably never thought of your HDSLR movie feature as a way to generate fast panoramic scenes, the iPanoHD Action does exactly that, producing hyper-wide panoramics up to 300° and beyond! This one took less than 15 seconds to shoot:

Some pocket cameras shoot “Sweep Panoramas” but now your HDSLR can shoot high-quality Super Sweep panoramic vistas like this. After a few seconds on your computer, you’ll be viewing the 200°+ panoramic image in fine detail.

Many of the original iNovaFX Action collection have been revised and rewritten.  The eBook includes media with Photoshop Actions for image improvement, correction and transformation within Adobe Photoshop CS5 for both Macintosh and Windows computer platforms. Over 90% still work with PS CS4.

New variations have appeared, including the 8-image film strip seen above the headline which was achieved by selecting eight shots from a time-lapse shoot and pressing two buttons.

One click generated the film strip from scratch—assembling, cropping and placing the eight frames. The next bent the film and gave it the off-white color background (tweaked to taste). You have control over image qualities and drop shadow even after the Action has run its course. Variations create strips of slide format exposures or a vertical strip of horizontal movie frames.

Other movie Actions* reduce exposure bounce and/or time-lapse flicker, add movie cross-star effects, turn full color scenes into nostalgic memories and a whole lot more.

ACTIONS! Photoshop CS5.
By Peter iNova. 284 pages plus over 700 (!) completely original Photoshop CS5 Actions. It’s a high-resolution PDF interactive eBook that can be read on the Apple iPad using Apple’s iBooks software (which is preinstalled on every iPad). Reads on your computer using Adobe Reader. Actions work with Photoshop on Macs and Windows. Available NOW. $25. Bookmark this page.

Click on the eBook cover to find out more!

* Only the movie Actions require Photoshop CS5 Extended.

Hudson’s 5D Magic http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_Lantern_Firmware_Wikishapeimage_7_link_0

Firmware by the Hudson, for the people.


Trammell Hudson has created alternate firmware for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II under the Magic Lantern Brand. It’s a RAM overlay that adds features to the camera without burrowing into the flash-based Firmware Version du jour. Chances of its harming the camera: zip to nil. Presumably, it’s possible for some bug or other to mess the camera up, but in over 10,000 cases, no such problem has occurred.
What you really wanted to know:
Manual audio. (Now also in V. 2.0.3.)
Audio noise reduced strongly.
Audio meters are added.
Cinemascope crop lines added.
Audio monitoring live via AV jack.
Overexposure indicator live.
DOF data from distance-reporting lenses.
Free. You get more than you pay for.

Magic Lantern closes the gap between what Canon assumed about what people would use the cine feature for and what they actually use it for. I guess you can’t ask a Still Camera Design Department to know everything, but they’ve gotten an earful since the 5D came out.

Currently, Trammell is working on integrating Magic Lantern with Canon’s lates 5DM2 Firmware Version 2.0.3. At the same time he’s preparing a version for the EOS 7D. His plate of projects is further filled with a Bluetooth wireless, smooth remote follow focus system and several things not yet public.

The firmware is free. Please donate if you use it via Paypal.

Uwe’s Videos

Learning curves made straight


Uwe Steinmueller is perhaps the best-informed digital photographer I know. He is at ease with technical processes (and has considerable experience with computer programming), and he writes books, eBooks and many articles helpful to other photographers in English and German. His video sharpening software, described in the article below, is far in advance of other video sharpening techniques that I’ve seen.

We have collaborated on the DSLR: Nikon XX and DSLR: Canon XX eBooks for the last four years, and I’ve always appreciated his approach to fine art photography. His superior grasp of technologies like RAW image processing and HDR photography is keen.

Like many photographers, Uwe has discovered the amazing world of HDSLR cinephotography, and during the last four months, his skills and experience have been building. Fearlessly, he started teaching himself how to shoot motion scenes and writing about his observations. As a newcomer to moving images his evolution has been quite speedy, and as a sophisticated maker of images, his ability to spot ideas from still photography and plant them into moving images is first rate.

My own background includes decades of movie, HD video and still photography all jumbled together, so there are things I miss when trying to teach them, because I assume they are generally known. Uwe sees them with new eyes, and there is great value in that.

The article under the image, above, is a case in point. It’s a lock-down image with a flaw. He demonstrates a fix for it derived from still photography, and at the same time reveals a number of cinematic principles that have been used in visual effects for movies, but only by a relatively small cadre of specialists.

In re-discovering this fix, he has made it accessible to all. Read it.

Super Video Sharpener

A video sharpening tool that beats everything else you’ve seen.


Coming up!
Only For Photoshop Extended!

What if you could sharpen video images to absolute perfection? The top image here is a 1:1 crop from the original 1080p30 movie frame and the bottom image is from the SVS ScriptAction set to modest sharpening on the same frame. Notice how it creates a result virtually artifact-free.

You’ll need the motion-capable Photoshop Extended to use it, but once you have that, and the SuperVideoSharp (SVS) ScriptAction, you will be able to tweak 720p and 1080p files into pixel-perfection without the contrast-line artifacts common to sharpening controls in edit programs and TV images.

The technology behind this was previously only available to still photographers. It has been updated and customized for video scene processing.

Included also are a set of Photoshop Extended Scripts, plus a suite of Photoshop Extended Actions that create a number of video effects, repairs, grading and ambient treatments.

E-book – HDSLR




GMBOOKS.COM, 160pp. 120+ embedded interactive movies shot using HDSLRs. PDF format for reading on Windows and Mac computers. $34.95 US. DVD. By Peter iNova. 

Here is a beginner, intermediate and film student’s user’s guide to all the HDSLR cameras and many of their accessories. It’s designed to bring experienced still photographers up to speed on the movie mode aspects that differentiate the HD in HDSLR. It’s an elaborate PDF e-book containing numerous interactive elements.

“The billion things,” said author Peter iNova, “are those billion neurons which take no part in still photography, but are actively working on moving images.”

Embedded rollover and click images, hyperlinks and movies are experienced throughout on nearly every page. Roll the mouse cursor over an image for A/B/C comparisons or click to activate movie examples in 720p and 540p formats. These allow full—or close to full—resolution examples of various shooting or image inspection techniques.

A few embedded movies are in camera-native 1080p30 format, and these will only play full size on screens with at least 1920 pixel width. On smaller screens, they will play at full screen width. One series of clips asks you to stop the scene as it enlarges continuously on-screen, so you can estimate how much of an enlargement a 720p, 1080p and down-converted 1080p image will tolerate before viewers will detect any quality loss. The test is revealing. On-screen, the exact amount of enlargement shows numerically.

You will need QuickTime 7 to view the movies, and the appropriate version of Adobe Reader to mount the PDF file. Both are free.

PDF Tip: move the contents of the e-book DVD to a folder on your hard disk. Things will generally move faster. There are nearly three gigabytes of material on the DVD.

Contents cover the History of HDSLRs, an overview of HDSLR technologies, the Five Golden Rules of shooting in HDSLR format, a chapter in how to recover from broken Rules, Thinking in Sequences, Editing, Camerawork, Techniques from simple to advanced and a movie-focused run-down on all HDSLR models available at publication.

In addition, an interactive Appendix provides access to prime HDSLR websites and resources. The Index is interactive, too. A mouse click jumps right to the page containing a topic.

Also included are specialized Photoshop Extended Actions that perform Photoshop-like operations on movie files.

Photoshop Extended is the version that is used by photographers and designers to create animated and moving images, and is required to use the Actions.

Images with flicker and exposure irregularities can often be completely repaired with one of the provided PSx Actions. Another adds completely controllable grad filters to existing images. A demonstration of that is on this page. Another allows one to define an area of sharp focus while blurring everything else as above.

Instructions and tools are provided that give e-book owners the ability to shape movies into other formats, the tent movie above is 2.35:1, or Cinemascope format. A separate “eDendum” adds instructions and demonstrations of the Actions and tools for use in QuickTime Pro ($30, Apple) and various edit programs.

E-book owners are given special access to an Internet support page where additional tips, tools and information is provided.

Full disclosure: This site is another product of eBook Author Peter iNova.

HDSLR eBook on DVD
GMBooks.Com: 160 pp. $34.95 US.



Recent rumors about iPad 3 screen resolution claim it will have a 2048 x 1536 pixel display.

Our images are super-resolution to begin with, and this sort of display will only reveal more of their inherent detail.

New eBook
also iPad friendly

Click on the Cover for a
FREE Copyhttp://www.digitalsecrets.net/secrets/eBookCS5/ActionsCS5-Fast.pdfhttp://www.digitalsecrets.net/secrets/eBookCS5/ActionsCS5-Fast.pdfhttp://www.digitalsecrets.net/secrets/eBookCS5/ActionsCS5-Fast.pdfshapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1shapeimage_21_link_2

Got iPhone? Get eBook!

Uwe Steinmueller has something very cool for everybody with an iPhone. It’s a whole eBook about iPhone photography/videography.

Phone Artistry 2012-1, the Art and Craft of iPhone Photography, is available exclusively at OutbackPhoto.Com or by clicking on the cover. Special price now, under $16.

Here’s a list of things you’ll find inside:

  1. Capturing photos with your iPhone and different camera apps

  2. Hipstamatic

  3. Specialty apps using the iPhone Camera

  4. Thoughts on Aesthetics

  5. Special cases, grips and other gear for the iPhone

  6. Editing your images on the iPhone

  7. Special Effects Apps for the iPhone

  8. Integration with iPad and desktop

  9. Capturing Video on the iPhone

  10. Basic editing for video on the iPhone