Actions for Stills plus 
Actions for Movies! 10/10/10 - 2/7/12

As a Beta tester on Photoshop CS5, I quickly saw that the Actions feature had grown to new heights.

Features have been refined, streamlined and/or now show up with a fresh face.

At about the same time that PS CS5 went public, so did the Apple iPad. iPads can read the PDF files of the previous Actions eBook, but —horrors!— the images don’t show up right. The older format doesn’t work on iPads!

When a book has two to a dozen images per page, you neeeed to see the shots. So we threw the old eBook way up in the air. And as its thousands of parts and pieces descended, we rearranged them in ways that the iPad would understand. And while we were at it, we washed and ironed each of them, too.

All of the previous iNovaFX Actions were squeezed through Photoshop CS5 where they were proved, revised or re-written from scratch. Now they are all better than ever. Along the way we added new life to many. New possibilities, options and variations have been added.

Click on the iPad above for an instant complete eBook file so you can read all about it.

NOTE: As of 2.7.2012, this is the ENTIRE eBook. All 284 pages. Images can be enlarged 200% without loss of pixel quality. You can view the PDF file in iBooks on your iPad. But to use the Actions, you’ll have to buy them.

Our Photoshop Actions have the goals of repairing, improving and transforming images in unique, vital ways. All are original. All achieve singular results. Some drop your jaw and knock your sox off at the same time.

Still photographs can now take advantage of over 700 Photoshop Actions that can fix flaws, change the character of the shot or turn the photographic image into stunning pieces of art. What’s your preference? A convincing oil painting? A watercolor? A pencil sketch? Something bizarrely abstract? How about a wood block print on 1880s rice paper?

Some of it is subtle.

You may be the only one who realizes how much better your image has become by applying a Local Contrast effect along with a few small tweaks.

Your portrait subject may never realize you cleaned up skin textures. Your 16 x 24 print will never show the camera’s original chromatic aberrations. (Our CA reducer is more precise than Photoshop’s, but only because it approaches the idea from a different direction.)

The gritty noise from a high ISO available-light exposure will never reach your viewer’s eyes, but all the subtle detail still remains.

Some of it is supergraphic bold.

Turn a car into a butterfly. Create a 50-foot banner and hang it on the Louvre. Twist a landscape image into a ball of rock floating in the sky. Bury a digital image in an a precise replica of a 35mm film chip. Shatter the glass covering a picture.

Some of it saves your shot.

In the past, photographers carried grad filters, cross star filters and special lenses for selective focus. Now much of that kit
shows up as Actions that complete your image in the digital darkroom. There are Actions to add cross star effects to your night shots. Add grad filtration to your day shots. Add polarizing effects to your blue skies. Turn your full color images into convincing infrared-style photos. Convert large scale scenes into miniature table-top toy models. Replace expensive special effects optics with controllable iBaby Actions as at right.

Example after example show the Before and After from over 650 images. Each photo can be blown up on the computer or iPad screen over 600%. You can drill into greater detail than has ever been published before.

And those are just the Actions for still images.

Now we’ve branched into Actions for movies*. The new final chapter (8, PSX—PhotoShop eXtended) takes you into the unique forms of imagery that can only be achieved using an HDSLR’s movie mode. You shoot a movie scene in a special way and the Action turns it into an image that challenges your powers of perception.

A cluster of original Slit-Scan Actions defies time and space, producing a whole new art form. It’s a photograph, all right, but what is going ON here? People and objects slide through your shot and literally wipe their own images into the picture. It’s a digital adaptation of a photographic technique that was developed to photograph horse race winners. Now your shots can be down to the wire.

Hyper-wide panoramic images can be automatically generated from movie scenes you’ve panned as you shot them. Tips and techniques for shooting give you the help you need to achieve shots like the one above. It’s over 200° wide and took only a few keystrokes and mouse clicks to generate.

Movies use filters, too. Add a moving, frame-by-frame cross star effect to your nighttime scenes. Overlay a grad filter on top of a shot and have it behave like a glass filter. You control the color and opacity, and you can airbrush the filter effect into the contours of your scene.

Time-lapse shots can be captured with any DSLR or HDSLR with an intervalometer, either inside or as an external accessory. But modern computer lenses often fail to index to the exact same f-stop position from shot to shot. In movies, this can lead to painful flicker effects. Grumble, grumble.

The iFlickerFixer Action miraculously fixes minor exposure bumps so well that your producer will never guess that anything had ever been amiss.

Brand new special effects Actions turn movie scenes into hybrid photographic artwork. One turns photos into airbrushed cells. Another paints an image in chalk. Yet another sketches each frame in conté crayon.

A series of non-destructive image grading Actions let you finish shots interactively. Movie utility Actions give you advanced spatial de-noising that can improve useful ISO by up to two stops.

The complete package consists of the eBook, the software you install into your copy of Photoshop CS5 and a number of example, resource and demo files you can practice with before you tackle your own images.

ACTIONS! Photoshop CS5.
By Peter iNova. 284 pages. Interactive Contents, Index and Cross References. The final tally of Actions is over 700.

It’s a high-resolution PDF interactive eBook that can be read on the Apple iPad using Apple’s iBooks software (which is preinstalled on every iPad).

Download it to your computer and read it on your computer using Adobe Reader. Actions work with Photoshop on Macs and Windows. You can read it on Unix and Linux as well.

Available now. Click on the eBook cover for the order page. Or, if you’re reading this on an iPad, apply your thumb to the thumbprint.

EBook and software comes on CD and you transfer it to your computer and/or iPad for the iPad-friendly price of just $25. Bookmark this page.

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* Only the movie-based Actions require Photoshop CS5 Extended.

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new photoshop ACtions ebook — IPAD-Friendly
For still and HDSLR movie photographers. For Mac and Windows

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Important Note:

All the iNovaFX Actions are licensed to legal eBook purchasers for application to, and processing of, images for personal and professional use including commercial projects such as advertising, filmmaking and the creation of fine art.